Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone gets the right to seek also to enjoy far away asylum from persecution.

60 years back, it had been not Syrians, Afghans, Iranians and folks from various African states who had to leave their homes and sought refuge.

It had been Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Jews, Poles, Russians and Germans who needed a fresh home before, after and during World War II. Displaced by an occupying power, by the ruling government and by hunger and war.

Many had to leave their hometowns and weren’t in a position to take much using them, aside from transfer money across national borders. This is exactly what happened to numerous Jews. Refugees were deprived of these remaining possessions in Germany. In a perfidious way, the war and the extermination of the Jews were thus co-financed.

Within experiences of the along with other inhuman acts, the Universal Human Rights have already been defined. A commission led by Eleanor Roosevelt exercised 30 articles beneath the auspices of the US in 1948.


Reading these 30 articles, it becomes clear that the potential theif is often seen privately of hawaii or government.

The exemplory case of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny currently shows how this works used. His foundation is classified by hawaii as extremist to be able to justify turning off his usage of banking. Unpopular opposition could be contained through fiscal policy.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, Nahid Taghavi, the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, Malcolm Bidali and many more are also deprived of these basic rights by their very own state power such as this or through different ways.

The brave in a residential area, the entrepreneurs, the actors who demand change and abandonment of familiar structures ought to be protected by human rights.

The decision for change is definitely associated with the awakening of fears. Within their view, specifically the rulers inside a community can only just lose when confronted with change and for that reason use money and monetary policy as possibly the most effective weapon to violate human rights.

The states fiat money is really a suitable instrument since it eludes independent control even yet in a democratic society. Richard Cantillon (1680s 1734) found that money creation essentially only benefits its creators. And money creation in its current form is really a digital ledger at a bank. Any longer!

At this stage, the provocative buzzwords interest levels, lending, redistribution, inflation, investment and growth compulsion ought to be mentioned.

The easy and formerly ingenious trait of money, to become a universal object of exchange for other goods or services, still applies, but this property in addition has resulted in people abusing it.

The criminals can earn or develop a lot of money and therefore retain their power.

Crazy World

Bitcoin separates money from authorities. Bitcoin can’t be steered, created, destroyed or controlled in anyone’s favor. Bitcoin is independent, antifragile, democratic and secure.

Proof-of-work makes Bitcoin the only real independent cryptocurrency. And only Bitcoin is large today and therefore safe enough to resist complete regulation by states. It exists because we utilize it.

Article 23 of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights:

1. Everyone gets the to work, to free selection of employment, to fair and favorable conditions of work also to protection from unemployment.

2. Anyone, without the distinction, has the to be equally covered equal work.

3. Everyone who works gets the fair to just and favorable remuneration ensuring himself, herself or other and his family an existence worth human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other method of social protection.

Transferring money for example from the U.S. to El Salvador is technically easy, but you can find sometimes 10% or more fees to the company. They take these horrendous fees since they can. This is among the explanations why El Salvador has introduced bitcoin as a legal tender.

Bitcoin has characteristics that produce me dream that globalization, and by that After all shared prosperity, works so that everyone can participate on the same footing. Even while a “small” entrepreneur, I could take part in international payment transactions without the hurdles. Right now, in accordance with research, 2.2 billion folks are unbanked or underserved financially.

Bitcoin Can Fix This

Article 25 of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights:

1. Everyone gets the right to a typical of living adequate for medical and well-being of themself and of these family, including food, clothing, housing and health care and necessary social services, along with the right to security in case of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, later years or other insufficient livelihood in circumstances beyond their control.

Where does money find its invest the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Minus the word money or currency being mentioned in virtually any of the 30 articles, this is a factor in the vast majority of the defined rights. It really is strange that little is said concerning this and that the connections between money and human rights aren’t discussed more regularly.

Why don’t we now imagine adding the next 31st article of universal human rights:

Article 31 of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights:

Everyone gets the to freely access a wholesome international currency!

This right would ensure it is easier to enforce other human rights.

Article 17 of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights:

1. Everyone gets the to own property alone in addition to in colaboration with others.

2. Nobody will be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

The refugees of World War II, representing all of the disenfranchised under National Socialism and Stalinism, could have had it easier with Bitcoin, and the criminals could have had a much harder time.

Bitcoin may be the fulfillment of the desire to have sound money. It exists. In comparison to all the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there’s almost no have to fight because of this right. It really is unstoppable!

It is a guest post by Gregor Herbort. Opinions expressed are entirely their very own and don’t necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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