• Inside a recently available SEC filing, Tesla doubled-down on the bitcoin investment as the liquid alternative to money thesis.
  • Tesla experienced the rocky path from purchasing bitcoin, to accepting it as transaction, and afterwards removing it as the payment method over environment concerns.
  • Tesla also lately entered the bitcoin mining area.

In a recently available U.S. Securities and Trade Commission (SEC) filing, Tesla Inc. reiterated its pro-Bitcoin placement stating that bitcoin provides long-term possible and is really a liquid alternative to money.

The filing also verified that the electric powered car maker didn’t sell some of its bitcoin holdings because the quarter prior.

Through the first one fourth of 2021, Tesla invested an aggregate of $1.5 billion in bitcoin, per an SEC filing at that time. Within that filing, Tesla supplied information explaining the way the expense would offer us with an increase of flexibility to help expand diversify and increase returns on our money that is not necessary to maintain sufficient operating liquidity.


Tesla furthermore mentioned its intentions to simply accept bitcoin as a way of payment for items and services later on in the Q1 2021 filing. News of the expense spread across all types of mass media and Elon Musk, the companys CEO, grew to become more vigorous in discussions concerning bitcoin.

On April 26, 2021 the original investment for method of liquidity had been strengthened when Musk got to Twitter to be able to defend Teslas option to market 10% of its bitcoin holdings during Q2 2021 stating:

Tesla offered 10% of its holdings basically to confirm liquidity of Bitcoin instead of holding cash on stability sheet, he wrote.

The SEC filing referencing these sale netted Tesla an increase of $128 million. Nevertheless, in June 13, 2021 Musk capitulated to advertise environmental issues as he mentioned bitcoin had a need to use more clear energy, therefore removing the option to get bitcoin as transaction until there is verifiable info showing confirmation of acceptable (~50%) clean energy utilization by miners with good future trend, he stated.

On October 14, 2021 it had been reported that Tesla has been up over $1 billion on its initial expense into bitcoin. Recently, April 8, 2022 Tesla introduced a partnership with BlockStream and Block, noting that Tesla power equipment will be leveraged for a $12 million bitcoin mining facility.

Completely circle, Tesla entered the bitcoin ecosystem with an enormous $1.5 billion BTC purchase, took action for the surroundings since it believed was necessary, held its BTC reserves, and came back to the ecosystem as a clean bitcoin mining participant.

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