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An instant increase in the quantity of leverage from the bitcoin (BTC) futures market could imply that the short or longer squeeze will be observed in the a lot more immediate term, in accordance with on-chain analytics company Glassnode.

Whilst futures open up interest is still a way off all-time-highs, rapid increases in leverage may indicate a clustering of stop-losses and liquidation levels near the current cost, Glassnode wrote in its final The Week Onchain report for 2021.

It additional that this upsurge in leverage adds increased probabilities to a possible short, or lengthy squeeze in the even more immediate phrase.

Meanwhile, one analyst pointed out today that the existing market conditions create a bearish lengthy squeeze more likely when compared to a short squeeze.

Right now funding rising the previous few hours as cost grinding down.., bitcoin analyst at mining company Blockware Solutions, Can Clemente, said, adding these conditions tend to be more favorable for an extended squeeze when compared to a short squeeze.

The leverage squeeze identifies a meeting where price moves rapidly either down or even up, with the shift exacerbated by leveraged traders whose investing positions are receiving liquidated as cost moves against them. An extended squeeze identifies rapidly falling costs, while a brief squeeze identifies rapidly rising prices.

Resource: Glassnode

Even though Glassnode do warn that there surely is a threat of a leverage squeeze in the close to term, the firm furthermore noted that investing volumes in the bitcoin futures market have got been down.

The fall inside investing volume has been especially notable inside December, with the 7-time shifting average of the quantity today becoming 16% below the particular level at the start of the entire year.

Thinner volume, and increasing open up interest (in a concentrated exchange) is really a combination which can be favorable to at the very least a localized leverage squeeze on the arriving weeks, the report stated, though it admitted that lower investing activity is normally seen towards the finish of the entire year.

Source: Glassnode

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