Throughout recorded history, cycles of rise and fall repeat both of civilizations themselves and of what they use for the money. We have been experiencing another fall today.

Nevertheless, something unprecedented has happened the creation of a money that’s incorruptible, indestructible, and infallible: un-fall-able. It really is money that can assistance on its shoulders a civilization that may also be un-fall-capable. Bitcoin provides an incentive for cooperation on a worldwide level. The enabling of electronic private property privileges for everybody on Earth can be an incredible revolution in developing a safer planet. The residents of the planet now have a trusted network where to coordinate their lifestyles, instead of the chaos of fiat financial manipulation.

The unprecedented independence created by bitcoin is really a revolutionary change which will be experienced beyond our period.

With the chance of preserving capital permanently, new possibilities could be imagined and their possible converted to reality over several generations.

That’s what this movie aims to make an impression on upon audiences: replacing these cycles having an everlasting, successful peace.

It is a guest post by Tomer Strolight. Views expressed are entirely their own and do not always reflect those of BTC, Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.


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