On November 1, 2021, the so-called demo of the century starts where Ira Kleiman will be suing Dr. Craig Wright over half of a million Bitcoin. Before this case there were several odd occurrences that’ll be labeled by doubters as coincidental. The objective of this article isn’t to say the reasoning for these activities but to simply query the timing and relevance to the forthcoming demo.

Could it be a coincidence that Coinbase additional more info about BSV on October 10?

Coinbase allegedly additional a web link to the Bitcoin whitepaper which has Craig Wright because the author. Round the same period, their button to get BSV changed to Investing not yet offered implying a possible listing. We need not speculate on Coinbase fears about Satoshi Nakamotos identification as they themselves shown this as a danger factor right before being publicly exchanged.

Supply: U.S. Securities and Swap Commission

Is it a really coincidence that CoinMarketCap additional more info about BSV on October 11?

Could it be just me or even did CoinMarketCap transformed the explanation of BSV A WHOLE LOT?

They’ve added brand-new things such as for example @nChainGlobal, @CalvinAyre, and much more information on the BSV Blockchain!

Long term is looking bright if you ask me pic.twitter.com/QC2iwn1Lmd

Sri Asuka Ioka (@AsukaIoka) October 11, 2021

Popular digital currency web site CoinMarketCap has added a lot more relevant, unbiased information to the currencies web page of BSV just 20 times prior to the trial starts. Info includes information on BSVs attempts to level as Satoshi originally developed, gigabyte blocks mined, and transactions per 2nd metrics in the node software program.


Is it a really coincidence that Binance will be converting customers BSV because of their proprietary steady coin on November 1?

Binance delisted BSV in April 2019 in reaction to threats from Craig Wright of lawsuits but provides allowed clients to withdraw until this aspect. On November 1, they’re halting that capability, and when customers still haven’t withdrawn their BSV within the last 30 months they’re automatically converting those resources with their own stablecoin. Like activity has precedent, however the coins had been exchanged for real fiat (Japanese Yen). Theories linked to the timing apart, converting possessions to a well balanced coin they handle is suspicious.

Could it be really a coincidence a Bitcoin Core programmer stepped down on October 21, citing legal dangers for Bitcoin programmers?

You might ask, why stage down right now? What happened?

Occasionally, interests change and you also cant do very much about any of it.

On top, Personally i think that the legal dangers for Bitcoin programmers are increasing yr by year (which may be stressful).

New contributors should join anonymously (its difficult).

Jonas Schnelli (@_jonasschnelli_) October 21, 2021

Just 10 days prior to the demo where Wright asserts that coins will undoubtedly be moved by courtroom order, implying and declaring that Bitcoin protocol designers may have liability and obligation in the problem, now Former Bitcoin Programmer and Maintainer Jonas Schnelli measures down. Interestingly he claims its period for me to go on while at exactly the same time creating There is absolutely no new placement or project looking forward to me.

Could it be a really coincidence that the purchase price ratio of BSV to BTC reaches an all-time reduced the month prior to the trial starts?

Inside October, the purchase price ratio of BSV to BTC provides dropped to the cheapest ever at almost 400-to-1 (0.0025). Person who keeps BTC could swap 1 for a whooping 400 BSV. This coincidence is basically conjecture but in conditions of incentives, the timing will be fascinating. If one had funds to take a position (especially some level of BTC) and wished to bet on the results of the trial, there is absolutely no better time to achieve this than now.

Supply: TradingView

I understand that this post will be fulfilled with skepticism (since it should!). Visitors should inquire themselves these queries as most of these occasions occurred the month prior to the judgement will take place of if the assumed creator of Bitcoin must fork over 1 / 2 of his 1.1 million Bitcoin, worth nearly $60 billion by writing, which would create him the 20th wealthiest person on the planet.

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