Even though paths of the co-founders of Candao, Pawel Barylski, and Robert Wesker crossed by chance, the project has include interesting innovations to the blockchain and crypto space. Candao was founded in early 2021 but has made great progress since its launch. The project was created with several innovative features offering Matchify Algorithms, Meta-scan, CandyPad, CandyChain, CanID, etc.

The Candao Launchpad (CandyPad) seeks to disrupt the original approach to startup founders and entrepreneurs raising capital for his or her business. In accordance with CB Insights, the very best reason many businesses and startups fail is because of having less cash or the shortcoming to improve new capital. Many blockchain-powered projects would like to leverage the energy of social media to greatly help entrepreneurs and business founders raise money because of their projects. Candaos Launchpad is apparently leading the charge in this regard.

Candaos CandyPad supplies a progressive, allocation-free, and trustless social launchpad which allows the city members and users to vote on whether their money ought to be unlocked by the fund-raiser with regards to the pre-agreed Key Performace Indicators (KPIs). Users and community members have the freedom to get any level of their choice in virtually any project. Getting in in early stages these projects supplies the users the chance to earn higher rewards for the success of the project.

The CandyPad is similar to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where members choose what happens within the machine. Members can choose the business to invest in and the amount. It has created an even playing field for everybody and anyone to achieve success in their business. It really is not the same as the situations where you will need to be susceptible to several Venture Capitalists (VCs). With Candaos CandyPad, it is possible to build and expand your organization by leveraging the social networking communities and not counting on making new contacts.

The Candao Launchpad distributes revenue to all or any active communities. In the event that you try your community, it is possible to create tokens and maximize your potential as an associate. Candao enables you to see your cash as data, which is entirely your decision to determine just how much data you generate. As a residential area member, you can boost your earning ability within the platform by buying individuals and companies, developing a source of income on your own, providing product and service recommendations, and you may also are a creator on a project.

The Candao SOCIAL NETWORKING Launchpad allows community members to collaborate/partner with like-minded individuals on projects. Members may also build on-chain trust for themselves and their associates.


Candaos CandyPad creates an ecosystem where startup founders and entrepreneurs to network with like-minded members within the city. They are able to collaborate and raise money to build up their community further and support their businesses. The CandyPad enables these founders to provide their businesses concept without the barrier, create a viable community round the business using cost-effective marketing tools.

The launchpad also enables the city to reward members who want to participate new projects with project tokens. The token reward is in trade for their services. For folks that dont get access to capital or the network to create great ecosystems for new startups, Candaos CandyPad offers a good starting place with a viable community.

Leveraging the energy of social media to greatly help business founders raise funds and build viable ecosystems is without a doubt a revolutionary concept available space. Candaos launchpad is arguably the missing piece for founders struggling to invest in their business and build a dynamic community.

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