FTM soars to a fresh all-time high because the Fantom Foundation begins its first-ever developer conference

The near future is quick approaching based on the group at Fantom which nowadays kicked off its first-ever developer conference however you like at the United Arab Emirates most esteemed venue, the Emirates Palace, in the same way the cost of FTM surged to a fresh record most of $2.99.

As a follow-up to the release of the 370 million FTM incentive program back again on August 30 that’s designed to assist grow the Fantom ecosystem by aligning the incentives between customers, builders and the system, the Fantom developer conference represents the next thing inside the Fantom Foundations general plan to assist expand Fantom into probably one of the most adopted blockchain networks inside the ecosystem.

With a lineup of speakers offering a shortcut to the blockchain potential future that is approaching fast, the conference features specialists from academia, software program architecture, government sectors, and blockchain development to go over the most recent research and developments inside the sector since it relates to professional exercise, regulatory plan and governance, and the web of Things (IoT).

A few of the well-recognized names who’ll be talking at the function include Andre Cronje, the creator of yearn.financing, Harry Yeh from the Quantum Fintech Team, Roger Ver from bitcoin.com and Michael Kong, CEO of the Fantom Base.

The 4-day occasion boasts plans packed filled with workshops, networking events, instruction and presentations from major Fantom collaborators who’ll discuss an array of subjects which includes DeFi, Cloud Infrastructure, AI, Blockchain Architecture, NFTs, and gaming to mention a few.


The purpose of the conference is easy: To gear up individuals with revolutionary workshops and presentations that equip them with understanding and confidence to get ready them to make a new technologies legacy.

Fantoms developer meeting works from Monday, October 25 to Friday, October 29, and can feature 250 presenters from over the industry and all over the world giving the most leading edge and relevant advancements in the blockchain business. Details about the meeting and lineup of speakers are available at fantomdc.com/agenda.

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