As DeFi adoption keeps growing exponentially on a worldwide basis, needless to say hacking skills and unauthorized activity in addition has become a concerning security risk in the crypto universe.

PARSIQ is having the lead again supplying customers and traders a next-level security inside Decentralized Finance. Parsiq offers TRACKR, a fresh tool developed to particularly address the major safety concerns on the market.

TRACKR by PARSIQ Provides Real-Period Alerts on Wallet Hacks And Fund Transfers

TRACKR is really a new service centered on providing real-period alerts to its customers linked to hacking attempts or even other unauthorized motions concerning their wallets. This is a necessary step of progress to secure crypto functions, granting its users an audio prevention measure in order to avoid unwanted exercise from unfolding.

Over the last yrs, reality sadly proved the urgent want within the DeFi room of enhanced security equipment and alert options. TRACKR isn’t just launched to supply this service but additionally provides tools to attempt countermeasures to avoid unauthorized activity from actually happening.

TRACKR is created to crucially detect malicious exercise in its early phase, stopping hackers from unfolding their programs.

Basically TRACKR customers will receive up-dates and alerts every time a suspicious exercise intends to occur even prior to the blockchain system validates the transaction.


Preserve Your Tokens Safe and sound

The TRACKR solution may track exercise on multi-chain systems across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Wise Chain, Dash, Algorand, Huobi Eco Chain, Celo, Solana, and Polkadot. Furthermore, TRACKR may also trace exercise over webhooks and APIs.

TRACKR becomes the organic tool of choice inside the cryptocurrency universe because it is a advancement by the famous on-chain data supervising PARSIQ platform.

The brand new TRACKR tool would work to prevent funds reduction, by detecting and blocking any unauthorized exercise, hacking attempts or additional vulnerabilities for either personal users or crypto investing companies with a huge selection of addresses.

TRACKR is really a DeFi protection and monitoring solution giving two crucial degrees of safety:

Proactive Supervising: any unauthorized activity linked to the customers wallet is instantly notified in real-period through the monitor stations previously determined by an individual (includes Telegram).

Retroactive Monitoring: if an unauthorized money transfer or even hack occurs, an individual is granted usage of the monitor device that monitors all the transactions route across various wallets; until coming to the centralized wallet recipient of the hacked money.


Tom Tirman, CEO at PARSIQ explains in their own phrases what TRACKRs release implies to cryptocurrency traders:

Security is really a cornerstone of PARSIQs knowledge. Weve consulted for businesses affected by protection breaches and hacks across CoinMetro and KuCoin. TRACKR combines our security encounter with PARSIQs clever trigger efficiency providing our customers and users with safety monitoring services instantly at a scale earlier unseen in the area. The team is preparing to help create bespoke monitoring solutions. The complete installation process will need less than one hour. TRACKR is preparing to be personalized to certain requirements of our customers, no matter the level.

Those crypto investors and asset traders ready to safe their crypto possessions against malware can begin safeguarding their investments by soliciting the specialist counseling of Simon Harmgardt at Parsiqs TRACKR site here.

Interested customers will be contacted in exchange to coordinate an on the internet meeting to go over the users user profile to create a customized solution.


PARSIQ is really a blockchain supervising and workflow automation system connecting on-chain and off-chain applications inside real-time, providing deal notifications for end-customers.

The PARSIQ system allows users for connecting blockchain action with off-chain gadgets through cellular apps, to primarily keep track of DeFi applications in the safe manner. because they build custom occasion triggers and energy real-time automation.

For more information about PARSIQ, please click on the following.


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