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Meta Systems, the social media marketing giant previously referred to as Facebook, offers filed eight fresh trademark applications that time to its growing fascination with digital currencies, Internet3 and the metaverse.

Filed with america Patent and Trademark Workplace (USPTO), the programs relate with its blue, two-loop logo that it released during its rebranding as Meta inside November 2021. It describes this logo as a geometric style comprising two loops.

Meta Systems offers filed 8 trademark applications because of its Logo. The programs cover up:

Crypto tokens

Blockchain software program

Virtual foreign currency exchanges

Financial + Forex trading

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Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) March 23, 2022

The programs include one associated with the look and development of computers and software on Internet3 such as for example gaming and e-commerce. In another it files a credit card applicatoin relating to internet dating and social media services, including particularly singling out networking between electronic currency investors.

Another applications touch on digital reality routines such as for example entertainment and digital publishing services; telecommunication providers for electronic assets; marketing via digital or augmented realities and the metaverse; and downloadable software program for mobile programs.

Meta further delves in to the electronic asset realm by submitting a credit card applicatoin for financial deal processing services associated with blockchain, virtual currency, electronic currency, cryptocurrency, and electronic possessions.

Speaking on the programs, Michael Kondoudis, the Washington-centered trademark lawyer who tracks metaverse and NFT trademark filings at the USPTO, mentioned, These filings reflect the companys technique for getting into the metaverse. Meta obviously has significant programs for the virtual economic climate which will drive it.

Metas most recent trademark filings will certainly be of curiosity to individuals in the financial field and beyond.

As the applications may signal yet another shift by Meta CEO Tag Zuckerberg to solidify his companys place in the metaverse, they might also be only a precautionary measure to safeguard his companys brand name and logo design in the metaverse, actually without plans to release any related product. A number of companies have recently been filing trademark apps to make sure that their brand names and logos aren’t used by any entity in the metaverse.

For several its efforts around creating a metaverse, NFTs and also a stablecoin, Meta provides were able to make one poor shift after another. Its misguided press in to the world of electronic currencies was stopped lifeless in its tracks by regulators globally, top the business to concede defeat and market the Diem task to Silvergate Lender. It has also been recently sued in Australia (not really for the very first time) for the countless digital foreign currency scams on its system.

Then, inside February, Meta became a member of the Crypto Open up Patent Alliance (COPA), a business masquerading being an agnostic alliance to drive digital foreign currency adoption but that is actually a cabal of wealthy and influential internet2 Big Tech leaders out to stifle Satoshi Nakamotos eyesight of a peer-to-peer digital cash. Normally, COPA has already established one objective since its development one . 5 yrs agofight Dr. Craig Wright.

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