Relica users can now airdrop BSV worth and collectibles all over the world with thelaunch of Maps 2.0. Which means that anyone is now able to create their very own treasure hunts, keep gifts for close friends, or create giveaways predicated on area.

Presenting Maps 2.0

Airdrop Collectables

Airdrop Bitcoin

All over the world.#Relica #Bitcoin #BSV

Relica (@Relicaworld) December 1, 2021

This increases Relicas commercial charm and social/fun element. In its discharge announcement, the business suggested companies and manufacturers might use the drops for special offers like restricted edition token giveaways, lower price tokens, or developing hype for another NFT sale. Since you can find likely a huge selection of other possible uses aswell, Relica invited customers to obtain creative.

The location-based functions in Maps 2.0 would also allow companies to target customers inside a specific region only (wide or little). Although dropped items (known as relics on the app) could be placed anywhere, just users who physically go to the location can gather them.

At the moment, the opportunity to create and location relics is available to those making use of Relica with a Cash Button wallet. Nevertheless, it will add HandCash users after the functionality becomes offered.

Talking with CoinGeek, co-founder Daniel Road said that merging the world of Gps navigation with social media is definitely the grand eyesight for Relica.


The newest release of Maps 2.0 is the start, he said, adding that another installment will introduce NFT drops and map-based product sales for users.

Imagine developing a franchise much like Pokemon-Move with NFTs which may be gathered from the map and traded and offered within Relicas marketplace. The options begin to become magical once you provide users a spot based NFT device, he added.

Maps 2.0 runs on the simple and straightforward user interface for creating and dropping items. Users can go for their country/city/place and create the relic. Then they have the choice to include Bitcoin (BSV) ideals or problems to the relic. The app itself includes a wallet listing all of the relics youve discovered and found, along with their value.

Other customers locate the relics making use of built-inside maps and a GPS-allowed device and may claim them at the location these were dropped. At the moment, relics cant be exchanged between customers or sent to exterior wallets, though Relica hinted at programs to tokenize these things in a future launch.

How Relica has advanced

Relica began lifestyle with an attribute set somewhat much like Instagram, as a social networking targeted at image-sharers. Like other BSV apps, though, it made probably the most of Bitcoin SVs capability to process quick microtransactions in huge volumes to cover users several cents when others interacted making use of their profile and content material.


Since then, it has additionally added the opportunity to hide articles behind the paywall, enabling subscription-centered accounts that incentivize creators to create more compelling articles and earn as a result. Influencers on Instagram with higher follower counts but small achievement at monetizing them externally abruptly had ways to gain income straight from the platform.

Inside mid-2021, Relicaadded GPS functions, with a far more basic type of drops and treasure hunts (just Relica devs could location items and customers had to unlock metropolitan areas). This obtained the app plenty of attention and brand-new users, and it got the implicit guarantee that Relica would quickly enable these functions for everybody.

The Maps 2.0 launch is another indication the Relica development group is hard at the job and has a lot of tips up their sleeves.

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