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We have been thrilled to announceLearn sCrypt, the #1 guide to begin with with sCrypt.

The chapter in Find out sCrypt

I hear and We forget; I discover and I remember; I really do and I find out.

Chinese proverb

We believe learning by carrying out is among the most effective methods to master a fresh program writing language.Learn sCryptis a number of training that split the advancement of an on-chain game Tic-tac-toe about the Bitcoin network into interactive chapters. No prior sCrypt understanding is needed. By the finish of the course, it is possible to create a fully functioningTic-tac-toewith a built-in web frontend and have fun with it using an present wallet.

Tic-tac-toe on Bitcoin

How to begin?


Head toLearnsCryptand sign up. In each chapter, once you surface finish all TODOs marked in the editor, click onSHOW ANSWERto review your treatment for the default remedy, in a visually interesting diff see as shown below. Thoughts is broken ready to proceed, click onNEXT >to tag the chapter effectively completed.

Answer shown

Desire to contribute?

An enormous benefit ofLearn sCryptvs a great many other interactive studying websites is that it’s easilyextensible. All of the contents of the classes are open resource and hosted atGitHub. Anyone can make new courses and include them intoUnderstand sCrypt, so long as they follow thepredefined format.

VisitLearn sCrypttoday and begin learning sCrypt! Get in touch with us inSlackif you possess any questions or suggestions.


We thank Kevin Healy, Phil Track, Mihael inkec, andPasquale Valentin because of their invaluable suggestions on a beta edition of Learn sCrypt.


Take note:

[1] You can even elect to not register and can still be in a position to use the web site as a guest. Nevertheless, your progress will never be recorded.

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