World-renowned Canadian author and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson will undoubtedly be on stage at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami April 6-9, causing speculation he may be planning for a public endorsement of bitcoin in a city that prides itself on becoming friendly towards bitcoin, along with other cryptocurrency-associated industry and adoption.

Peterson is becoming wildly popular recently with an incredible number of views on his YouTube podcast and an incredible number of sales worldwide of his self-help book 12 Rules FOREVER. An Antidote To Chaos.


The highlight of the Miami conference, Peterson is leading to excitement and some surprise as he’s got expressed a pastime in bitcoin previously, but is not a normal on the Bitcoin front lines.

Francis Pouliot, CEO and founder of Canadas largest noncustodial exchange Bull Bitcoin is a fan of Petersons since 2018, and integrated his book 12 Rules FOREVER in his picks for the very best three books of 2018:

Pouliot is seeing an accelerating fascination with bitcoin in Canada, likely partly due to what he calls the out-of-control financial censorship that culminated in the Emergencies Action to suppress the Freedom Convoy protests by Canadian truckers, along with the Bank of Canada’s dramatic upsurge in money printing.

Pouliot informed Bitcoin Magazine he sees the orange-pilling of Jordan Peterson to be perfectly representative of the new wave of bitcoin adoption.

An evergrowing constituency of Canadians, which includes within the original business establishments, recognize that banking and govt institutions don’t have their best attention in mind, he said.

Because they look for answers to mitigate inflation and political uncertainty, Bitcoin certainly is the only credible option to the fiat system. Provided the gravity of the rapidly deteriorating situation, they’re now ready to give Bitcoin a go, he added.


Jordan Peterson – what’s the attraction? He could be credited with tens of an incredible number of cumulative views from all over the world on his YouTube podcast.

Why do teenagers specifically Generations X and Z, and mainly teenagers follow the boomer professor emeritus from Canadas University of Toronto?

In her article in The Atlantic, Why the Left IS INDEED Afraid Of Jordan Peterson, author Caitlin Flanagan states:

Flanagan sees Peterson as occupying an intellectual niche all their own that’s not conservative (although frequently characterized therefore), not liberal and beyond your overwhelmingly dominant politically-correct ethos within academia today.

Teenagers particularly are receiving what she calls the only real sustained argument against identity politics.

With identity politics off the table, it had been possible to speak about all sorts of things religion, philosophy, history, myth in different ways. They could possess a primary experience with tips, not just one mediated by ideology, she additional.

Peterson is a way to obtain controversy (here a note from the Kitchener, Ontario transgender group) on the usage of gender nouns and pronouns and what he sees as a shift from free speech in Canada.

Passion FREE OF CHARGE Speech

Francis Pouliot is really a large fan of free speech and will be thrilled that Peterson, another free speech advocate, will undoubtedly be attending whats seeking to function as largest Bitcoin event actually held with an approximated 20,000 in attendance.

I’m incredibly stoked that Jordan Peterson is certainly arriving at Bitcoin 2022, he told us.

Like a great many other Bitcoin professionals, Dr. Peterson’s teachings about personal responsibility experienced a profound positive influence on my entire life and I consider them to be always a perfect complement to the Bitcoin ethos of self-sovereignty.

Peterson happens to be campaigning against an Ontario proposed regulation which will require critical race theory to end up being taught in public areas schools inside Ontario.

Peterson is a thoughtful observer of Bitcoin but his priorities possess mainly been along with his clinical psychology practice.

Inside his podcast with John Vallis Bitcoiner book club inside August 2021, Peterson inquired the four Bitcoiners most of the right questions offering listeners among the best insights in to the workings of the Bitcoiners mind.

Inside November 2021, Peterson interviewed Dr. Saifedean Amous, writer of The Bitcoin Standard and he had been clearly still studying Bitcoin. He is specifically impressed that Bitcoin could be kept completely out from the fingers of governments.

Exactly what will Peterson have to state on April 8 at 12: 30 pm?

Bitcoin Magazine will undoubtedly be within the event both on the net and on livestream.

This wet plate collodion photo of Peterson with lobster, The Lobster Analogy,” taken by Shane Balkowitsch, highlights the significance of the lobster as symbolic of the drive for dominance in 12 Rules FOREVER: A good Antidote To Chaos.

Jordan Peterson (right here with wife Tammy) happens to be on a tour of the U.S., Europe and Canada which includes 52 cities in THE UNITED STATES and an additional 16 dates in Scandinavia, the Balkans, and the U.K.

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